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First Sharing Economy CEO Summit held
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2017-07-07 10:14:00

The first session of the China Sharing Economy CEO Summit was held in Ningbo on July 5.

Several hundred of sharing economy platforms, such as Ofo, Xiaodian and, gathered at the summit to exchange ideas on the great changes in the entrepreneurship and innovation field, caused by the overwhelming sharing economy. In addition to the common sharing traffic and sharing electricity charging, some new industrial patterns like sharing logistics, sharing education, sharing finance and sharing legal services are entering peoples lives. To keep up with the new trend, Ningbo will be built as a agglomeration area for the so called unicorn projects (startups valued at more than $1 billion each), and Fenghua District will be built as a sharing economy town in cooperation with Hemo Technology, a third-party operator.

At the summit, the launching ceremony of the sharing economy town was held. According to a person in charge from Xikou Town, the sharing economy town was put into trial at the beginning of this year, and so far there have been about 100 registered headquarters or branches of the sharing economy companies and over 100 will be attracted to the town within the year. The town has a planned area of one square kilometer, and 100 million yuan will be invested to build a sharing economy industrial park and a one-billion industrial fund will be established for the incubation of quality projects. Besides the beautiful scenery and convenient traffic, the enterprises can also enjoy the beneficial policies for a 13-year financial support.

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