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National Key Research Project in "13th Five-Year Plan" Launched in Ningbo
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2017-08-10 10:29:00

The national key research project "Technology and Equipment of Efficient Kitchen Lampblack Separation and Gas Purification" in the “13th Five-Year Plan”was launched in Ningbo. Meanwhile, the kick-off meeting as well as feasibility study meeting was held. As a private enterprise, FOTILE has created a new modal to undertake national technology research project, which is led by the leading company in kitchen industry and involves coordination with top universities and scientific research institutions.

The joint project team of innovation research, a partnership between FOTILE and other nine research institutes including Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, Institute of Process Engineering in Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University and Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, starts with the implementation plans. It aims to make a technological breakthrough in the project of 3 years and a half and push forward the industrial application so as to reduce the influence of kitchen lampblack on atmospheric environment.

In June this year, based on its research on kitchen lampblack and the innovation team comprised of top colleges and institutions, FOTILE won the research project in technology research on causes of air pollution and controlling in "13th Five-Year Plan".

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