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Forum on macro trend of new period held in Ningbo
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2017-08-24 09:01:00

The forum on the macro trend of the new economic period, jointly sponsored by the Minsheng Wealth Investment and the Economic Observer, was held in Ningbo, attracting a lot of experts and scholars to discuss on the theme of “the investment weathervane within the new financial economy”.

For the first half of the year, China has witnessed a steady upward trend of the financial situation. The financial sector is expected to adhere to the sustainable development philosophy and maintain the stable mobility to creative excellent conditions for the development of the entity economy. According to Wu Ge, Chief Economist of Huarong Securities, the world economy has bottomed out after the long-term global deflation. The value of the global bulk commodity has broken away from the influence of the exchange rate of the RMB against the American dollars over the past one and a half years. In the near future, the Chinese economy will stabilize and slow down, and the exchange rates of the RMB will also stabilize.

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