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Import and export volume of household appliances increases
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2017-08-29 10:05:00

According to the statistics from Ningbo Customs, from January to July this year, Ningbo achieved a total import and export volume of 9.63 billion yuan for household appliance products, up by 28.4% over the same period of last year. to be specific, the export volume stood at 9.51 billion yuan and the import volume, 120 million yuan. For July, the export volume was 1.22 billion yuan, and the import volume was 20 million yuan, up by 15.7% and 370% respectively.

Private enterprises serve as the major force for the import and export of household appliances. Their export volume stood at 8.73 billion yuan, up by 32.8%, accounting for 91.8% of the total, while their import volume stood at 90 million yuan, down by 43.4%, accounting for 75% of the total import.

The main export markets are the EU, the US and the ASEAN, with the export volume of 1.73 billion yuan, 1.09 billion yuan and 710 million yuan respectively, up by 13.6%, 24.4% and 22.2%. They account for 37.1% of the total export volume. And the main import markets are South Korea and the EU, with the import volume of 70 million yuan and 10 million yuan respectively, accounting for 66.7% of the total.

The major export products include split-type air conditioners, food grinders and washing machines, with their export volume standing at 1.57 billion yuan, 1.15 bilion yuan and 710 million yuan respectively.

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