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Five High Lights of the first “Health Expo”
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2017-08-08 13:32:00

According to the news conference held in Beijing, the first China (Ningbo) International Healthy Senior Service Industry Expo will be held in Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center from September 15th to 17th this year. The theme of the expo is “More developing healthy senior service industry, much better old people’s life.”

This time, the expo is sponsored by the Ningbo government and China Social Welfare and Pension Service Association, and organized by Ningbo Aged Working Committee and Ningbo Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau.

The “Health Expo” will have five sparkling characteristics. Firstly, “the merging of north and south”. There are “Aged Expo” in the north and “Health Expo” in the south, which echo and merge each other. The “Health Expo” this time will focus on the development of the health care for the aged people and long-term care, the application, technology and market of healthy senior service industry. Secondly, “the integration of the Yangtze River Delta.” The expo will bring the advantage of Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo into full play, and invite some wisdom elderly care and technology manufacturing, such as Sirui, Yide Lighting, Hanteng Things Internet and Youxue Technology. Thirdly, the merging of health care for the aged people at home and abroad. The healthy senior service brands from the United States, Britain, Japan and our countries, Shanghai, Heilongjiang and Hainan other places are invited to participate in this expo, showing the rich achievements of senior service brands training. Fourthly, as the theme of “Multi - amalgamation and Innovative Development”, a high end forum will be held, and a long-term nursing union will be set up. Fifthly, the expo will hold “Happy Aged Life” square dance and “Fashion Parents” model show competition.

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