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Ningbo National High-tech Zone Escalates into the Forefront of the Country
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2017-08-09 10:18:00

With it Sustainability Ranking Second in the Country

The Torch High Technology Industry Development Center, Ministry of Science and Technology published the evaluation (trail implementation) results of 2016 annual national high-tech zones. Ningbo National High-tech Zone stands out from 146 national high-tech zones and 147 units in Suzhou Industry Park. Its overall ranking leaps into the 17th, rising 4 rankings compared to the last year, and its sustainability ranks second in the country.

The selection is a dynamic evaluation organized by the Torch Center based on the National High Technology Industry Development Zones Evaluation Index System (revision), statistic data and development of national high-tech zones. The evaluation results can be divided into comprehensive ranking and individual ranking. The latter includes 4 indexes, knowledge and technology innovation, industrial upgrading and structural optimization, internationalization and global competitive strength, sustainable developing ability. In 2016, 146 national high-tech zones were included into the evaluation. The number of participating entities increased nearly 1/3 compared to the last year.

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