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7th Smart City Technology and Application Products Expo to be held
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2017-09-01 10:13:00

The 7th China Smart City Technology and Application Products Expo will be held in Ningbo on September 8. So far, the exhibition attraction has been completed. With the attending of a group of such leading enterprises or institutions as Sunny Optical Technology, CRRC, Cixing, Phase and Haitian Drive Systems and some featured enterprises in such fields as industrial internet of things and industrial design, the expo will display the new products, technologies and achievements in the smart economy field of Ningbo.

The smart transformation of the manufacturing industry can been seen in the attending enterprises. On the second floor of the digital workshop for auto parts of the Joyson Electronics, the centrally-controlled air conditioner outlets are being produced at the speed of seven seconds per set. Before the smart transformation, the assembly line was in need of five workers to produce one set within 25 seconds. Now, only one worker is enough for the operation. As a pioneer in the smart manufacturing field, Pairdeer Battery introduced the first “500+” fully-automatic production line in the world with a daily capacity of about one million batteries. At the factory of Sunny Intelligent Technology, an unmanned equipment for dual camera modules integrates assembly, examination and flexible production with a daily capacity of over 40,000 sets.

Meanwhile, the smart manufacturing has entered the non-standard industries from the traditional standard industries. The Shengruisi Automation is a company featuring the production and transformation of smart equipment for fashion enterprises. Through reforms on the production procedure of clothes, the company helps fashion enterprises to reduce their costs in capital, labor and logistics. Reportedly, in the first half of this year, the amount of orders for smart transformation doubled that of the same period of last year. By the end of June, the company has got about 2800 potential enterprise clients.

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