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1st Smart City County Economy Development Forum held
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2017-09-12 08:23:00

The first Smart City County Economy Development Forum was held on September 9 in Ningbo. With the theme of “inter-connection and integration for smart county”, the forum focuses on the building of the high-level smart county economic system.

At the forum, the Director of the Industrial Internet Innovative Development Center of the Government-Enterprise Client Department of China Telecom analyzed the problems confronted by the new smart city construction and operation, including the non-smart infrastructure, inadequate data exchange, shortage of linkage and lack of decision. The Deputy Director of Zhejiang Tourist Information Center, when speaking of the smart city construction from the perspective of the holistic tourism, suggested achieving smart tourism through smart management, smart marketing, smart services and smart interaction.

Ningbo is the first city in China to carry out the smart city construction in a systematic way. In recent years, Ningbo has made significant achievements in the smart city construction by accelerating the urban big data construction, the comprehensive application system construction and the innovative and integrated development of smart economy, with the strategic aim of building a new smart city boasting data drive, coordinated operations, integrated industries and secure information system. In the following period, Ningbo will continue to implement the three-year action plan for the smart city construction during the 13th Five-year Plan period and promote the overall integration between the information technology and urban planning, construction, management, services and industrial development. It will speed up the construction of the comprehensive application system for smart city, and build a new smart city with systematic data, integrated industries, upgraded applications and secure information.  

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