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Ningbo’s Venture Capital Guide Fund Amounts to 4 Billion Yuan within Five Years
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2017-09-20 08:24:00

In recent years, an increasing number of high-tech start-ups have received supports from the Venture Capital Guide Fund of Ningbo and have achieved further progress. According to statistics, Ningbo Venture Capital Guide Fund has introduced 23 cooperation funds in five years with a total social capital of 4 Billion Yuan, giving supports to 100 Ningbo enterprises in starting businesses and making innovations.

In 2011, with the rise of starting businesses and making innovations, Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Ningbo Municipal Government made timely decision to set up the initial Ningbo Venture Capital Guide Fund with one billion yuan in order to attract quality capital, projects, technologies and talents. As a government fund, it encourages equity fund management institutions to invest in the city’s key industries and enterprises in accordance with the law, establishing a venture capital system with Ningbo characteristics.

Venture Capital Guide Fund has always focused on the transformation, upgrading, innovation and development of Ningbo’s industry since its establishment, giving major supports to innovative enterprises and start-up high-tech enterprises in such sectors as new materials, new energy, biotechnology, software and information services, high-end equipment manufacturing and modern producer services. By the end of this June, Ningbo Venture Capital Guide Fund and its equity funds have invested in 100 enterprises at district and county level with a total investment of 1.408 billion yuan, including 901 million yuan in 79 start-up high-tech enterprises.

Venture Capital Guide Fund also has taken proactive steps to promote the “3315 Plan” that aims to introduce overseas high-level talents. At present, the Fund and its equity funds have invested 334 million yuan in 22 “3315 Plan” enterprises.

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