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Foreign Experts Recommendation Letter
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2011-04-29 17:24:00



Translated Name


﹡Passport No.

﹡Date of Birth

﹡Starting/Termination Dates of Previous Contract

﹡Health Condition

Salary Agreed in Previous Contract

Return Air Ticket

Medical Insurance

Work Unit( )Indiv.( )

Marriage Status

Jobs done before

Spouse and children

Former Units Worked for in China

Opinion of the Work Unit (Institute, Dept., Center, etc)



Stamp of leader of Work unit

                                              Y    M    D

Opinions of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Work Unit:

1. Fulfillment of Contract: Very Good (    ) Good (    ) Average (   )

2. Former Foreign Expert Certificate: Turned in (   ) To Be Turned it (   )

3. Other matters that need to be elaborated:

                            Stamp of the Work Unit

                                              Y    M    D

  ﹡Recommending Work Unit:

  ﹡Contact:                           ﹡Tel:


  1. Only the original of the recommendation letter is valid.

  2. Blanks marked with “﹡” must be filled in.

  3. Others to be filled in according to actual situation.

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