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Motor Vehicle Registration
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2010-05-19 12:14:00


   Motor vehicle registration


  Vehicle administration office of Traffic Police Detachment, Ningbo Public Security Bureau and the offices in counties and districts

  Business Category:  

  Vehicle administration



  Vehicle administration office



Service Client:

  All those having newly purchased motor vehicles

  Processing Time:  

  2 working days

Service Time:

  Normal working days (For domestic-made motor vehicles exempted from inspection, the owners can go to the Office on weekends to have relevant formalities handled.


  125 yuan per vehicle (130 yuan for self-imposed number)

Laws Based on:

  Law of the People's Republic of China on the Road and Traffic Safety, The Provisions on Motor Vehicle Registration (Decree 102#, 2008, Ministry of Public Security)

  Conditions for Registration

  For first-time applications of number plates of motor vehicles and driving licenses, the owner should apply for registration in the vehicle administration office in the place of domicile.

  Credentials Required

  In applying for registration, the owner should fill in the application form, have the motor vehicle inspected and submit the following credentials and vouches.

  1. ID card of the owner

  2. Motor vehicle purchase invoice or other certificates indicating the source of the vehicle.

  3. The delivery inspection certificate of the whole motor vehicle or the import certificate for an imported motor vehicle

  4.  Certificate of purchase tax payment or exemption.

  5. Certificate of compulsory traffic accident liability insurance for motor vehicles

  6. Other certificates and vouches as required by laws and regulations

  For those motor vehicles not entitled to exemption from safety inspection by Customs and motor vehicles authorities of the State Council, the certificate of safety inspection is required.


  The owner pays the insurance and the additional tax, has the motor vehicle examined, submits relevant documents to the windows of the Processing Hall, and then gets the driving license, number plate, and Motor Vehicle Register Certificate.  

Work Flow

  Examination of motor vehicles-registration verification (verification, making of driving licensee, number plate, registration certificate, examination of the mark of conformity) – archiving




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