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Ningbo Municipal Library
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2011-08-03 10:43:00

  Ningbo Municipal Library holds 880,000 books, which is a good place to learn Chinese culture,but that is,you must know Chinese.Fortunately, Ningbo Library provides an English-language reading room on the second floor. The library also provides free internet access and electricity to readers.

  Location: 135 Yongfeng Road(The crossing of Yongfeng road and Xiaowen street)

  Bus lines(two-way): No.3 \ 10 \ 118 \ 517 \ 816

  Suggested itinerary:

  Take No.10 at South railway station \ East gate(Tianyi Square) and get off at Huaci Hospital.

  Take No.3 at Lingqiao west and get off at Huaci Hospital.

  Take No.517 at East gate(Tianyi Square) and get off at Huaci Hospital.

  p.s. bus stops in Tianyi Square: East gate(Tianyi Square),East gate,Lingqiao west(Ling Qiao Xi),Yaohang street(Yao Hang Jie) ,Kaiming street(Kai Ming Jie)

Ningbo Municipal LibraryNingbo Municipal LibraryNingbo Municipal Library

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