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Wanda Plaza(Wanda Guangchang)
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2011-08-03 10:23:00

  Brief introduction: Wanda Plaza is Ningbo’s first and only true shopping mall, variety of stores,variety of brands,from home and abroad. A Wal-Mart is also open. Wanda Plaza is more familiar to Westerners with its indoor shopping and easy floor plan than any malls in Ningbo.

  Bus Lines(two-way): No.636 \635 \633 \632 \529 \526 \366 \363 \361 \360 \118 \115 \107 \103 \116-1\205 \206

  Suggested Itinerary:

  Take No.363 at Lingqiao West and get off at Wanda Plaza East (Siming road).

  Take No.361 at South railway station and get off at Wanda Plaza North.

  p.s. bus stops in Tianyi Square: East gate(Tianyi Square),Lingqiao west(Ling Qiao Xi),Yaohang street(Yao Hang Jie) ,Kaiming street(Kai Ming Jie)

  Bus stops in Wanda Plaza: Wanda Plaza East,Wanda Plaza West,Wanda Plaza South,Wanda Plaza North,Du Shi Sen Lin(Wanda Plaza),Siming Mid-road(Wanda Plaza).Wanda Plaza(Siming road)

Wanda Plaza(Wanda Guangchang)

Wanda Plaza(Wanda Guangchang)

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