Ningbo National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone
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1. New Material Industry
Ningbo is one of the national innovation pilot city, for many years continues to promote the construction of innovative city. The pilot plan 2012 played a positive role in science and technology to promote independent innovation ability and industrial transformation and upgrade. Ningbo has been formed competitive advantage in the field of new materials industry, and in 2012 the city's new materials industry output value reached nearly 100 billion yuan. It has even formed a global impact in fields of magnetic materials, high performance metal materials and synthesis new materials. Ningbo has rich resources in new materials innovation, with a large number of universities and research institutions such as Ningbo University, Ningbo College Of Engineering, Ningbo Material Technology and Engineering Research Institute Of Chinese Academy Of Sciences, North Materials Science and Engineering Research Institute, etc.. Ningbo National Hi-tech Zone (Ningbo New Materials Science and Technology City) is one of the main platform gathering new materials innovation resources, thus it is right time to construct new material city.

2. Modern Service Sector
Ningbo National Hi-tech Zone (Ningbo New Materials Science and Technology City) actively encourages the development of modern service sector.Taking existing business building as the carrier, she encourages developing in the core urban area modern service sector such as modern logistics, creative design, finance and insurance services, legal advice, accounting, auditing, estate agents, convention and exhibition management, test certification, management consulting, advertising planning, science and technology intermediary, software and the internet, and service outsourcing.

3.High-tech Manufacturing
Ningbo National Hi-tech Zone (Ningbo New Materials Science and Technology City) focuses on developing high-tech manufacturing in the following several aspects.

High performance metal materials

high performance non-ferrous metal materials, high performance Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet materials, powder metallurgy, automobile structural materials and special steel material.

Advanced polymer and synthesis of new materials

modified general high-performance engineering plastics, synthetic rubber, plastic, green polymer materials and processing technology, polymer membrane materials and other functional materials.

Electronic materials and devices

flat-panel display materials, magnetron sputtering target materials, electronic packaging materials, silicon materials key information such as material, new sensors, chips and other products.

High performance fiber and composite materials

dual-use high performance fiber and its products, high-performance carbon fiber material.

Inorganic nanometer material and technology
graphene low-cost preparation technology of large-scale, inorganic nano powder, such as nanotechnology and micro-nano thin-film coating materials.

Special functional materials

new energy materials represented by lithium-ion battery anode materials, high performance marine new materials, etc.