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      Preferential Policy

To support the development of Ningbo National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, the government carries out related policies. To those high-and-new technological enterprises, R&D institutions and enterprise headquarters which conform to the positioning of Hi-Tech Zone, the government will offer preferential support on land and finance; special programs will be treated with the special support of “one issue one discussion”. The detailed policies are as follows:
Preferential Policy on R&D Industry:
Project Application Preference: Preferential support for technological project application on various levels and subjects.
Subsidy to R&D: Subsidy offered on the condition annual R&D input.
Preferential Renting: The rent is preferential, and subsidy offered to major institutions.
Talent Apartment Preference: Talent apartment offered on a preferential price to the high-end talents working in the stationed institutions.
Preferential Policy on Software Industry:
Big software enterprises, software engineering R&D institutions and modern information service companies both home and abroad with an actual investment of at least 10 million yuan will be subsidized with at most 6% of their actual investment. This is a one-time subsidy for settling down and in principle the subsidy shall not exceed 2 million yuan.
Preferential Policy on High-and-new industry:
It is encouraged to introduce three hi-tech manufacture industries namely new energy, semiconductor & lighting and new material industries. Three special industrial parks are set up to be listed for sale to stationed enterprises in accordance with admittance requirements so as to promote the industrial cluster of high-and-new technology. For any land program acquired through directional listing, it will enjoy “Preferential Policy on Industrial Land for High-and-New Technology Program”.
It is encouraged to list enterprises on the stock market. To any enterprise that is on the list of government cultivating object, it will enjoy the preferential policy issued by Ningbo Government Office [2008] No.146. To any enterprise with overseas IPO or listed through acquisition and merger, another subsidy of 1 million yuan will be offered besides the Ningbo Government Office [2008] No.146; to any enterprise that is listed on agency share transfer system, 600,000 will be offered as a reward.
Preferential Policy on Modern Service Industry:
For any large enterprise on service industry and in conformity to related requirements, a financial aid of at least 2 million yuan will be offered at one time. Trading, logistics, intermediary service and other modern service enterprises will also enjoy related aid bases on the financial contributions.